Thank you retailers!

Well it’s finally here. December 25th, 2009. Even on the west coast kids and kids at heart are waking up to find goodies and gifts and games under the tree. For those of us responsible for purchasing the gifts, did you take time to thank the sales person who helped you? Maybe they located a hard-to-find item. Maybe all they did was ring up your transaction.

Whatever the case, there is a level of expectation on both parties. Everyone expects to be treated with a certain level of courtesy. And we often are blown away when we receive what we believe is superior service. But have you gone out of your way to be a superior customer? It can be a very rewarding experience for both you and the person helping you.

Simple things like saying thank you, smiling and asking how their day is going can show that you care and are taking a genuine interest in them. Who does that sentence apply to? If you need to be a better customer service agent (employee) do it. If you need to be a nicer customer, YOU are in control of how you will act. It is up to you to act appropriately.

Merry Christmas to all. Decide now how you will share the Christmas spirit all throughout the year whether you are the server or you are being served.

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