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How do you arrange your bills?

Each of us has a certain way that we arrange the cash in our register each day. Our preferences may be dictated by personalities, store consensus, whether we are left handed or right handed, or without any structured way. I … Continue reading

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Clarification on articles

A friend called me up the other day. He had been following the blog off and on. He asked me if I was just cutting and pasting the articles or if I was writing them myself. I guess I need … Continue reading

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Curb Service

When you mention the words “curb service” what comes to mind? Depending on when you grew up you might be familiar with some of the old-fashioned drive in diners that dotted the highways and byways throughout the country. Most small … Continue reading

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Continuous Improvement Process

Speaking of Disney, our visit to Textile Services as part of Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence included a 30-minute Q & A session with a supervisor who went over their Continuous Improvement Process (CIP). The emphasis was on continuous. This … Continue reading

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How do you want to be recognized?

As part of their continuous improvement process, Disney’s Textile Services (a.k.a. Laundry) recently polled their employees as to how they wished to be recognized. The top three things were 3) Movie tickets; 2) Feed me; 1) Recognition. 3) Movie tickets … Continue reading

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