How can we use senses to work for us? Sight

How much do we pay attention to the senses when it comes to customer interaction? What we smell, what we can feel, what we see, what we taste and what we hear. How can we use the senses to work for us? How can we use them to enhance the level of customer service we already give?


What kind of impressions do your customers see when they enter your store? No, we’re not talking about your best rendition of Ronald Reagan or John Wayne. What we are talking about is what your customer sees. What attracts them visually to the store? What drives them away visually? Is there a “hook” that piques their interest?

Are you sending a mixed message? If there was no verbal communication between you and your guests is there enough signage and merchandising to speak in your absence?

Everyone loves a bargain. And marketers know this. It is not a new strategy and products are often put on sale to create an impression of a bargain which activates a centuries-old hoarding instinct. We’re not talking about OCD tendencies here. But when a customer sees something on sale they are more likely to be attracted to that item.

1. Are all signs correct and being utilized? Are all products sale priced and marked appropriately?

2. Do you know what is on sale around your store? Can you tell your guest what their dollar savings will be? Did you know there are applications for iPhone users where they can take a picture of a barcode and search online sites such as Google for the best price? Yes, they do exist and our customers are savvy enough to use this type of technology to their advantage.

3. What about the lighting? Are all lights working and properly focused? Are the rugs and floors dirty or in bad shape?

The “show” aspect is just one of the key components to the customer’s overall shopping experience. How does your show set look?

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