How do you want to be recognized?

As part of their continuous improvement process, Disney’s Textile Services (a.k.a. Laundry) recently polled their employees as to how they wished to be recognized. The top three things were 3) Movie tickets; 2) Feed me; 1) Recognition.

3) Movie tickets – Pretty simple reward huh? It’s more than just someone covering the cost of theater admission. It might be a great time for the family to take in a movie together. The time together as a family in today’s dollar is still priceless.

2) Feed me – A celebratory lunch, restaurant gift card or a potluck dinner didn’t matter. Employees wanted their recognition in the form of food. This can be done as a group to celebrate accomplishments or as simple as buying lunch for your star employee.

1) Recognition – Everyone likes to be recognized and validated for the work they have done. Whether it be a pat on the back, a special award like employee of the month, or a personal letter from the CEO, we all enjoy our job more if there is a practice of being rewarded for doing an outstanding job.

How do you want to be recognized? What motivates you to do your best? Is it the reward that pushes you or is it your own will and determination?

So, to get some feedback on this, tell me how you want to be recognized.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Verbal Affirmation

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