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I just want one . . . Is that too much to ask?

A customer came in recently looking for a specific supplement in a specific form. He has been trying to find this item for almost a full year. Each time he came in, I asked him for information on the product … Continue reading

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How prepared are you? Vision

It has been said that what you do everyday prepares you for turbulent times. How prepared are you? Since the end of the third quarter of 2008, most businesses across the country have experienced turbulent times. Some of it could … Continue reading

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2010 – Exceeding the Average

Tonight we had a kickoff dinner and meeting for 2010. Everyone was there and I think we all enjoyed the time together. Food was good too. Yes, it was late on a Sunday night. There probably wasn’t a better time … Continue reading

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How can we use senses to work for us? Sight

How much do we pay attention to the senses when it comes to customer interaction? What we smell, what we can feel, what we see, what we taste and what we hear. How can we use the senses to work … Continue reading

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