WOW Moments

Have you experienced a WOW moment today?

Disney believes so much in creating magical WOW moments for their guests that they held a competition a couple of years ago to see who would be their Chief Magic Official. Through a long process which included an online application, interviews, video submissions and an on-site competition, they determined who would be responsible for spreading magic and inspiration throughout the theme parks and surrounding communities. Job duties include creating magical dreams for guests from around the world. The ideal candidate must be happy, never grumpy, able to easily befriend dwarves, dogs, monsters and mice. Must have good manners but can pillage and plunder with pirates when necessary. Must have an interest in oversized teacups and flying elephants.

This wasn’t something that Disney went into lightly. It was their intent to find the best person possible to, as they put it, “make dreams come true.” Disney was already skilled at making “wow” moments for their guests. They wanted to kick it up a notch.

While you may not be in the dream-to-reality business, you can still create those “wow” moments for your customers. How do you do that? It’s really simple. 

Exceed their expectations. 

Most businesses don’t. Most businesses are . . . well . . . whelming. Sometimes over, sometimes under.

Create those moments that leave your customers saying “WOW” to their friends, family or colleagues. They will remember you for it and your repeat business will improve.

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