How did you become a leader?

I am part of an online community that completes surveys in exchange for points. I can then use the points for stuff. Stuff like books, MP3 accessories, CDs, jewelry, etc.

A recent survey asked the question, “How did you become a leader?”

I had to think for a moment . . . and then select “N/A” as the answer. I wasn’t ready for this survey. I thought I was. I’ve got a leadership position. I’ve even attended a professional development course on leadership. My walk isn’t always consistent.

A complete stranger called me today to interview me about my experience with the Disney Institute, the professional training arm through which this course was offered. She was not affiliated with DI or with any of the Disney family. I was honored and delighted thrilled to answer her questions. But it also reminded me that there is still work to be done.

If you were posed with the same question, how would you answer it? Unless you are a sculpture or some other piece of art sitting lifeless in a museum, you have a leadership role whether you want it or not. By your actions or words, you are being watched. Someone is choosing to follow your example or they are determined to set a better one.

How did you become a leader?

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1 Response to How did you become a leader?

  1. jeff noel says:

    David, interesting question because, most likely, not many of us are leaders.

    Most of us are managers.

    How do you tell the difference?

    The main job of a leader is inspiration.

    A person who doesn't put that first is a manager.

    Please don't misunderstand, the world needs millions of managers.

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