Bad Customer Experience – Who Do You Tell?

We did our regular Sunday night routine. Went to church. Left church. Went to a particular restaurant to get the regular order for Sunday nights. We’ve done this same routine more times than not. We go through the drive thru (if it’s not too long), place our order and then we’re told to drive around to the front of the building to wait for our order? What? No one was in line behind us. The order wasn’t that big.

Two things here that bug me. First, why make us drive around front? Second, are you trying to inflate your numbers so that your store looks good to the corporate office? To inconvenience your customers this way . . NOT GOOD. Hey restaurant, was it worth the 10 minutes I spent online last night complaining? How about the extra 10 minutes I complained on the phone? It was to me. And I asserted my right to complain.

And now I am putting it out there for everyone to read.

A bad experience for one of your customers doesn’t just stay between you and your customer. They’ll talk. And if it’s bad enough, they’ll walk.

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