It was a simple gesture

We went to his office. He actually came in late that day. As it turned out he was working from home that morning. It was a nice day to be at the office. Lots of folks milling around. Busy, busy, busy.

But on this busy day at the office, he made it a point to find me and make a special delivery. This wasn’t just any delivery. He knew I was bringing my kids to his office so he brought some special trinkets that they were sure to enjoy. A simple gesture on his part? Not really. It was well thought out. It came from a heart that is grateful, and has an infectious kindness that reaches around the world.

What’s a simple gesture you can do today, right now, that will mean the world to someone else? You don’t have to give them tonight’s winning lottery numbers. A trinket, a gift, a hand shake, a thank you . . . it all counts.

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