Customer Service Tips – Be Helpful

This is nothing new. People come in and use you for information then spend their dollars elsewhere. That’s okay. If they keep coming to you asking questions, you keep on providing answers. They trust you.

If they start telling their friends and family to do the same thing, that’s okay too.

That’s your reputation.

If they end up buying from you because of the level of service you continually offer, that’s great!

That’s your relationship.

If your business grows because your customers can depend on you, well, isn’t that why you’re in business?

That’s your reward!

So, go ahead, be helpful to everyone . . . . everywhere . . . . everyday!

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8 Responses to Customer Service Tips – Be Helpful

  1. BabyJ20 says:

    It's never mattered to me what the question or request was… I tried to get the answer or tell them where to get it…

  2. Donna Flanagin says:

    Dave, this is so true. I tell my customers that I am an "open book" and call me with any mail questions they have any time. I find many call me long before they call the post office because they know I will get the answer and convey it in a way they can understand. I chalk it up to T.O.M.A. (top of the mind awareness). When they think of mail, I want them to think of me.

  3. jeff noel says:

    David, good stuff. Fun to read and it made me think.
    Donna, you have put all this stuff into practice. No theory in your corner.
    Both of you, keep doing great work. 🙂

  4. David Balentine says:


    That is the attitude we should have! The question doesn't matter.


    What a great reputation to have. Unfortunately, the USPS does not have a reputation for being the most helpful.

    May I use the TOMA reference? Would make a great blog post!!!

  5. David Balentine says:

    Thank you Jeff!!!! Sometimes they are deep and sometimes they are common sense.

    Putting common sense into common practice . . . Where have I heard that one before??

  6. Donna Flanagin says:

    Of course you can use it. Yes, having the post office as my "partner" is one of the biggest hurdles I have. I do my job, entrust it to the post office, and if they do not do their job it has a direct reflection on me. My customer turns to me for satisfaction. Often very difficult for me. Happened today again. Mail is missing,(it will turn up but it will be too late) not my fault but it is my problem. Will possibly lose a customer.

  7. jeff noel says:

    Donna, ouch. Perhaps your blog could be a platform to expand on your "not my fault but it is my problem".

    Maybe you could share that with your customers, and instead of "hating you" and going somewhere else, they cheer you on, and become loyal, because they now understand your predicament – and you never had to sound like you where making excuses. just a crazy thought.

  8. Donna Flanagin says:

    Not crazy at all. I need a way to explain some of the pitfalls without sounding like I am whining. Some days it can be so difficult, and then I just think they all companies have difficult days and all companies have their pitfalls. I am no different. I do like the spin on trying to get them on my side, cheering me on 🙂 (smiling just thinking about that).

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