No. Not TOGA. This isn’t a college frat party!

T.O.M.A. = Top Of Mind Awareness

A fellow blogger and Disney Institute alum recently commented that in her business, a bulk-mail operation in Indiana, she has clients calling her before they call the post office because they know that she will answer their questions in a way they can understand. When they think of mail, she wants them to think of her! Way to go Donna!

Another term that describes this type of awareness is brand loyalty. What do your customers think of when they hear your company name?

One such company that enjoys this type of brand loyalty, this top of mind awareness, is the Disney family of companies. From ESPN, ABC, the Disney Cruise Line, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, to movies, TV shows, websites and professional learning, the Disney company is ranked as the 8th Best Global Brand according to BusinessWeek.

Now you may be thinking that you’re company may never get to the level of a Disney or IBM or Coca Cola. But those companies didn’t become an overnight success. They took time, doing the same thing day after day until they achieved a level of respect as a leader.

Everyone in your organization plays a key role in developing customer loyalty and brand recognition. If you are one product in a sea of products, it is your brand you want them to notice. You’ll be surprised at the relationship between loyalty and the health and future of your business.

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4 Responses to TOMA

  1. Donna Flanagin says:

    It is political season and that is a very busy time for bulk mail. I had a very rough day today and this blog made my day. Thank you.


  2. David Balentine says:

    My pleasure Donna. Know that even though you may feel discouraged at times, you have been an ENcouragement to others!

  3. jeff noel says:

    David, nice post. The best part, it made Donna's day. How cool is that?
    Donna, hope tomorrow goes much better. maybe Ella SeaSwirls should come to the rescue.

  4. David Balentine says:

    We always have the chance to make someone's day. Whether or not we act on it is our choice. We don't always set out with that goal in mind. We just try to do what's right.

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