Accentuate The Positive – Eliminate The Negative

“Latch on to the affirmative and don’t mess with Mr. In-between.”

This is a great song written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer back in the 1940’s. The Andrews Sisters also made it popular

Now let’s bring the idea forward to 2010. Can you name your talents? What about the talents of your team members? Do you have one job description where you shoehorn all of your team members into the same mold? Or do you maximize their abilities and provide opportunities to grow and learn? Could I ask any more questions?

Take the opportunity to know your talents. Maximize the positives. Positives can be attitude, desire, passion, confidence.

Minimize and eliminate the negatives. Negatives can be doubt, ignorance, distractions, fear.

Do this and you won’t have to worry about Mr. In-between.

(If you need me to sing you the song to encourage you, find me!)

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