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Best Practices – The Disney Institute

The term “best practices” is used quite often when referring to the Disney Institute. Come to think of it, why would you do anything without giving it your best? What started it all? Take a look at this video and … Continue reading

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Can anyone see you?

Seth Godin has done it again. Short and to the point. “Scarcity creates value.” Is your product or service getting lost in a sea of other products and services? What makes you stand out? Is it you? Say it with … Continue reading

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T.O.M.A. No. Not TOGA. This isn’t a college frat party! T.O.M.A. = Top Of Mind Awareness A fellow blogger and Disney Institute alum recently commented that in her business, a bulk-mail operation in Indiana, she has clients calling her before … Continue reading

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Most of us have had numerous milestones in our lives. The birth of a child, marriage, first house, first car, first love, 20th High School Reunion (and you survived!), etc. Since this blog began in December of 2009, it has … Continue reading

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Nil Desperandum

Did some reading Wednesday night and I saw this phrase in two totally unrelated articles and one blog post. Fate? Encouragement? Inspiration? Call it what you will. Nil Desperandum – Never Despair It’s pretty simple. Never give up. Don’t despair. This … Continue reading

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