Sorry to disappoint you

But . . .

What if we could say we’re sorry before anything bad happened? That’s a good thing, right?

If we greet our customers at the door with apologies, they’ll eventually get the hint and stop doing business with us.

Apologies could include poor service or a bad product selection. And we don’t have to say a word.

In other words, you don’t care. You care enough to say I’m sorry but you don’t do anything to change the situation.

But if we were to have the heart of a servant, we wouldn’t have to say we’re sorry.

Live to serve.

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2 Responses to Sorry to disappoint you

  1. jeff noel says:

    Live to serve…nice ring to it.
    And perhaps, some day, to even be able to do it humbly.

  2. David says:

    Yes sir. If you liked that, check out today’s post.

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