"IT . . . . COULD . . . WORK!"

Have you ever had a time in your life where a lot of things are clicking together all at once? And this is in a good way.

Negatives have been turned into positives. We were supposed to have a break from school next week, but that was erased due to weather conditions last month. Oh well, we just have to reprioritize and keep moving forward. Now we are more focused on plans for April.

Or, better yet, why don’t we just get better organized so we could deal with the curve balls or sinkers or fast balls that come our way? Seriously, why don’t we?

Do we thrive in an environment where we love being “under the gun”, having our “backs against the wall”, or having “no where else to turn”? Phooey with the cliches.

Reprioritize your commitments. Get some organization in your life. Don’t let the stress of everyday life guide you. Put excellence into everything you do. There’s no time for excuses.


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