Mondays are for Achievers

Why do Mondays come so early in the week?

I was calling our group of stores to give the managers some important information needed for the week and to motivate them for a new sales contest we were having. Some stores were busy (that’s Great!) so a few had to call me back.

The last manager I spoke with was really upbeat so I played off that and encouraged her to do even more! As we were talking, she shared  the title for this post:

Mondays are for Achievers.

I know I’ve written before about how some people dread Mondays. But why is that? They have their reasons.

Maybe it’s just an attitude adjustment. There have been days when I have not had the best attitude when going in on Monday.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, noted author and minister, is credited for this saying: “Change yourself and your work will seem different.”

Celebrate Mondays. Don’t dread them.

Day 15 – Mondays are for Achievers


PS. I have a frog on my blog. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

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