I don’t feel like it

I don’t want to work today.

I don’t want to be responsible today.

I don’t want to be engaging today.

I don’t want to serve today.

How many times have you walked into a business and this is the treatment you get? You may not hear the words coming from the clerk behind the counter, or the person that answers the phone or the business owner hiding in the back office.

But because of the experience you’ve just had, that is the exact message that is being communicated. Their words don’t communicate it but their actions are screaming apathy!

For those of you that get it, go out and serve, engage, work and be responsible today.

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5 Responses to I don’t feel like it

  1. David says:

    yes. but you don’t have to use capitalization.

  2. Patty Hebert says:

    I find some of life’s best experiences occur when I really just don’t fell like it.
    Don’t feel like teaching — really the best class ever.
    Don’t feel like work (yikes) — the most wonderful people walk into the office. (a blessing)
    Dreading a parish breakfast — the best support, food and crowd. (warm hearts of service)
    Truly dreaded going to my 30th high school reunion — met up with the one person I sincerely wanted to see. The one person I worried about after school. And she had no real desire to attend the reunion as well. We talked all night long.

    Now if I feel the dreads coming on, I know something wonderful is about to happen.

  3. Rhodes says:

    I had one of these experiences today. Yesterday I dropped off a prescription and requested a refill at a pharmacy that was close to where I was doing some errands and had used in the past. I told them I’d wait in the store. After reading the limited magazine selection I went to the counter and asked if it was ready. It was, I paid, and left. When I got home I realized that only the refill was in the bag and on the receipt. Oh well…pick it up at lunch tomorrow.

    I went today to pick up the new prescription. I was told that the insurance company required them to call the doctor for approval (wasn’t told this while I was waiting last night) and the doctor had not called back.
    Me: “So is someone going to call me…the doctor, the pharmacy ”
    Clerk: “I guess you can check back.” (envisioning me driving 10 minutes multiple times during the day perhaps?)
    Me: “Do you have a phone number I can call?”
    Clerk: Prints paper, writes number. No acknowledgement of inconveniencing me now and at least one other time (or the calls I’ll have to make to see if it is ready). Thankfully it was not life-or-death medication.
    Me: Walking out…now I remember why I quit coming here.

    • David says:

      And you’re on here telling others about your less than desirable experience.

      Something tells me you won’t forget this event.

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