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Do what you love

Oh the irony. You have a day job. It’s quite taxing. So what do you do? You start a side business. Because you love it. Was blessed to attend a wedding last night of a good friend and his new … Continue reading

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“Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow”

This is post #200 for “It’s All About The Customer” and I couldn’t be more excited. When this blog started, I admit I wasn’t looking this far ahead. It was about today and not tomorrow. Well, tomorrow is here. Let’s … Continue reading

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They even had a flower

They even had a flower . . . There are some companies who get it when it comes to customer service. And by get it, I mean they include the little things that most other companies choose to ignore. Flowers … Continue reading

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What is your Everest?

What is your Everest? “It’s All About The Customer” was started to help you (me) offer better service to your (my) customers. The goal was to offer a level of service that customers would go out of their way to … Continue reading

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Ladder Safety Tips

The purpose of this Guide is to explain the proper selection, use, and maintenance of ladders for use in the workplace.   The most common hazard associated with ladders is falling caused by improper use or poorly maintained and/or broken ladders. This … Continue reading

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