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My apologies

Busy with life. Family, church, work, health. My apologies for not writing regularly. To my loyal followers, I’ll be back to regular writing shortly. 😀 Tweet

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Presidential Inspiration

A period of our history that no man should be proud of. There was nothing civil about the War Between the States. But a figure that rises above the bloody battlefields and old slave quarters is the man pictured above. … Continue reading

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Award Winning Inspiration

It’s the latest picture I have, but it’s not the latest award. Nor is it his first. His peers believe he is doing a great job. And he is. He was just named Multi Operator of the Year. He’s celebrating … Continue reading

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Family Inspiration No. 22

Today is my dad’s 78th birthday. Lee Balentine was born June 22, 1933.  He passed away December 23, 1977. That makes 44 years, 6 months and 1 day. August 28, 2008 was a day that passed with a lot of … Continue reading

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Excuse vs. Explanation

Thank you Seth Godin for inspiring today’s post. When a customer asks for a product you’re out of, do you offer an excuse or an explanation? They are not the same. And it’s the difference between good service and bad … Continue reading

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