Inspiration – The fruits of our labor

Fruits of your labor

Pride and joy

The one in the middle isn’t ours. We’ll claim the other two on our income tax. Benjamin wants to be like me. I tell him to aim higher. Emily wants to be like her big brother. He gets annoyed. I tell him it’s an honor. He’ll get it some day.

Report cards came in the mail today. Very thankful for the results. Very thankful for their thirst for knowledge and their ability to perform.

I’m also reminded about a cousin who is autistic. Things we take for granted don’t come as easily to her. She has issues with communication. Reading and writing are challenging for her. But she’s in school. And she’s growing.

She also has a soul, a sweet spirit and is still blessed by God. We can gather inspiration from her smile and her innocence.

For those of you who have a business, do you pay attention to the children that come in? The parents will remember it if you do. Watch them and listen to them. You might find your inspiration in the smallest places.

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11 Responses to Inspiration – The fruits of our labor

  1. Patty Hebert says:

    Love your humor and your insight. Thank you.

    • David says:

      As we say around our house, never a dull moment. I LOVE hearing our children laugh. It is very important to me. I believe it is a window to the soul. And like music, it is a great healer. When you’re laughing, it is extremely difficult to think about anything else for those few seconds. So humor is a big part of our life.

      The Funny Balentine’s. You can book us for your next corporate event, birthday party, bar mitzvah or funeral wake. 🙂 Call 1-800-GUFFAW!

  2. Donna Flanagin says:

    We have a “treasure chest” full of trinkets and every child that visits is allowed to choose one and take it with them. It is so cute to watch the children “decide” what they want. Most items were bought at garage sales or from places like Oriental Trading or a dollar store. Very inexpensive, big impact.

    • David says:

      Donna, I am going out this weekend and doing the same thing. I have a few toys I pull out when little ones come in that need extra attention while mommy or daddy shop. Thanks for the reminder. “Very inexpensive, big impact.” AMEN!

  3. jeff noel says:

    Donna, you have shown how DI’s concepts can be applied to any business. David, you are doing the same. And, you are using social media to help create a tribe of people who want to exceed customer expectations.

    It’s rewarding and motivating to see.

    • David says:

      jeff noel,

      While my intent was to focus on the children, you’ve bridged the thought as the “teacher” (DI) and us as the child/student. We are inspired by you and your teachings and in turn, we spread the knowledge to others by sharing that inspiration in the way it touched us.

      It has made us all rich.

  4. jeff noel says:

    We are so rich in all that we give away. Because in the end, we can only take with us, that which we give away. (It’s a wonderful life reference)

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