He’s less of a man

He asked to run with me

This was at the end of the Make-a-Wish 5K in Marietta, Georgia, October 2010.

If you’re a regular reader of “It’s All About The Customer” you’ll probably notice the guy on the right.

Unless you’re a personal friend, you probably won’t know the guy on the left running with me. As a direct result of some choices he has made, he is less of a man than what he was just a couple of years ago.

After losing his mom and analyzing his own health, he did something about it. He started walking. He made it to the mailbox. His mailbox. That was about it. But he kept going and soon, he was jogging to the mailbox. Then he started counting mailboxes.

Soon, he started counting miles. Then he started counting pounds. And they added up. It didn’t happen overnight. But through staying focused, he’s now lost a person. If I’m not mistaken, he has lost over 130lbs.

When I was training for my first 5K last October, he asked me if I wanted him to run with me. Um . . . YES! I couldn’t say it fast enough.

This past weekend, he competed in his first sprint triathlon. And he finished! It’s a mini version of a full triathlon, like the Ironman. But who cares? He can now add the title “triathlete” to his resume.

Even though he is less of a man than he used to be, he is more of an inspiration to me. Now he’s probably going to be around for more years to be an inspiration to others.

Way to go, Jim. Proud of you, brother!

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6 Responses to He’s less of a man

  1. jeff noel says:

    Literally every time you bump into someone you haven’t seen in awhile and they look much healthier than you remember them and you ask, what have you done, they inevitably say, “I started exercising regularly and watching what I eat”.

    Do the basics brilliantly. Run, David (and Jim), run!

    • David says:

      That is so simple yet we don’t do anything about it until our backs are against a wall or someone close to us has been affected by some health catastrophe.

  2. jeff noel says:

    I often wonder if we put things off because, if they’re so simple, it’ll be easy o do once we find the time in our schedules.

  3. Jim McCarty says:


    Thank you for that – I appreciate what you have said here. I too hope that I will be around for a while longer now….can’t wait to do another 5k with you!! That was a fun day!!

    • David says:

      It is truly my pleasure, Jim. Yes it was a great day. After not-so-great results from my doctor (not blaming him) I’m encouraged to go on my own weight-loss/fitness journey. I’m doing okay. But okay isn’t good enough.

  4. Patty Gammage says:

    WAY TO GO, JIM!!!!!!!!!!! Proud of you!!!!!!!!!

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