We gotta go back to the future

Sorry. No Michael J. Fox movie here for you.

I’m talking about meeting the needs of your customers before they are aware that they even have a need.

Data. Information. Facts. Figures. Warnings. Positives. Negatives. You’ve got to know it all. You’ve got to know your product better than the design team, better than the manufacturing team, better than the marketing team.

You also have to know your customers well too. Sometimes, they don’t know what they need and, like sheep, they’ll believe any slick marketing and advertising in the tabloids that comes along. They’ll believe the uninformed opinion of a superstar rather than the advise of someone with years of experience.

If you’re able to do this, you’ll be creating “WOW” moments for your customers for a long time to come. Based on what you’ve learned in the past, you’ll be able to successfully propel your business forward into the future!

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