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De-fence, De-fense

A fence can be used as a decoration or as a boundary. But when do you need a fence? What about a defense? A defense is necessary when there is an offense. Stay with me here. There’s a point. How … Continue reading

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That’s not static you hear

Our relationships are not static. They will change over time as we learn more about the other person. In order to develop relationships, we need to know two things: 1. We need to know ourselves. 2. We need to know … Continue reading

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“Green side up . . . “

A quote made famous by Dick Nunis, then the Executive VP of both Disneyland and Walt Disney World on the night before Walt Disney World was scheduled to open. He was shouting instructions to the hundreds of volunteers laying sod, … Continue reading

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Shutter at the thought

I have a new appreciation for professional painters. HAD to get ours painted. Funny (peculiar) what you will do when faced with a deadline. I climbed an extension ladder and painted the faded shutters. It really was a pane. I … Continue reading

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They had my back

Dinner reservations? Check Babysitter coordinated? Check Flowers? Oops . . . That’s okay. The restaurant had my back. It’s the level of service they are known for. Yeah, the food is mighty awesome too. But our server (Steven was great!), … Continue reading

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