No thanks, I’ll take second best

When second rate isn't good enough.

I’ll settle for second best.

I don’t know anyone that would actually make this statement.

Look at it from the other direction. You turn on the “open” sign, switch on the lights and give it your second best.

Is this you? Didn’t think so. But if it is, please put out a sign that tells everyone you’re not going to do your best today. It will save a lot of people a lot of time.

Have a great Monday. Make it your best ever!

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2 Responses to No thanks, I’ll take second best

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    David, yesterday was awesome, in spite of it not going the way I planned and hoped. (no major issues, just one big travel challenge)

  2. David says:

    Glad it went well. I’m sure you could find opportunities to think, smile and be grateful.

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