When dreams collide

What happens when dreams are in conflict?

If you are a true college football fan, you’ll understand this. LSU had the same dream last night as did the University of Alabama. But it meant that the success of one team reaching its dream came at the expense of the other team falling short of theirs.

Should the failure you experience in chasing pursuing your dream discouraging you from the attempt? I hope it doesn’t.

All of us here at “It’s All About the Customer” are pulling for you to achieve your dreams even if you fall short. We’re still here. I’m still here.

PS. Congratulations to my Alabama Crimson Tide football team for winning the BCS Championship game last night. You’ve achieved a dream for many of us!

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  1. Patty Hebert says:

    The key is to celebrate. I may be heading off topic… In college the big take home lesson was and still is: If you wait to celebrate your own life’s true victories, which can be few and far between, then you will not be celebrating much of your life. But if you can enjoy and appreciate the successes of those around you, you will find some happiness every single day of your life.

    Yesterday I heard A friend got a great job with a nice raise: Congratulations! Instead of envy. The good feelings are still with me today. Such delight.

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