10-80-10 – Can’t we all get along?

For those who are mathematically challenged, that adds up to 100.

A quick internet check shows a few theories of the 10-80-10 rule. Today’s post deals with how your employees get along and affect your business.

The first 10% are the positive minority.
The other 10% are the negative minority.
The remaining 80% are the ones that do their job, rarely complain, and basically blend in with the wallpaper. But, they are moved back and forth, drifting between the positive and negative minorities.

If you are a leader, where do you spend more of your time? A lot of time is probably spent on the negative 10% and keeping the masses from sliding down with them.

With so much energy wasted, what would happen if we tried to focus on the top 10%, directing all of our available resources on bringing the 80% up?

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  1. Jeff Noel says:

    Been thinking of you and your Family, and when your next post might come along. 🙂

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