Let’s get personal

Get personal. Care for someone today.


1. How well do you know your customers/guests?

2. How well do they know you? Do you share personal stories with them? Do they feel compelled to share their life events with you?

3. Do you ask?


1.) Pretty well. Names, buying habits, family members, job, travel, church, favorite tv show, etc. Different ways of getting to know them.

2.) They know I was out for a month following cancer surgery. They’ve told me of their struggles with cancer and other diseases.

3.) When I say, “How are you doing today?” I mean it. It may reveal a need that I can fulfill.

Has this process become mundane when you interact with your customers? John C. Maxwell said it best:

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Care enough about someone today!

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