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Are you up to the task?

Have you reviewed your job description lately? How relevant is it now compared to your first day on the job? Through education, training and personal development, you have within you the power to rewrite the particulars and redefine your position. … Continue reading

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You know what I’m sayin?

There have been times when we have opened our mouth to speak and, without thinking, uttered a word or two that needed to be reeled back in. Even though that bell can’t be unrung, hopefully we’ve been trained to perform … Continue reading

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Put it into practice

Pre-K, elementary, middle, high school. College, graduate school. Professional learning, continuing education. When does it ever stop? Never. Constantly trying to better yourself through continuing education is great. As long as you put it into practice. “What is right and … Continue reading

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You’re getting upset over misplacing your Anger Management book. Or maybe you showed up late to your monthly Procrastinators Anonymous club meeting. Whatever it is, maybe it’s too trivial to lose control over. Focus on the important things. It is … Continue reading

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Our loss, heaven’s gain

Taking a break from the norm to pay tribute to a gentle man. Always a kind word, always a gentle spirit. Our loss, heaven’s gain. You will be missed Eli. Tweet

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