I’m not finished, I just made a mistake

Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994)

How committed are you to your vision?

Here are a few ideas that may help you as a leader with regard to your commitment:

  • Commit to the vision
  • Help communicate the vision
  • Lead by example
  • Be consistent
  • Allow for mistakes

These are not in order. If space allowed, I would put them side by side instead of putting them in a list top to bottom.

If you make a mistake early on in your attempt at reaching your goal, don’t quit. You may need to re-examine your process or your staff or yourself and make changes where it’s necessary. But don’t quit.

“A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits.”
Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the United States (1969-1974)

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