The power of story

The whistle from the Yonah and Joe's book

Never underestimate the power of a good story.

I attended a presentation recently at a local museum. Took my son with me because it was on a topic in which he also had a keen interest. Local author and historian Joe Head  was giving a lecture on “The Great Locomotive Chase” and the ensuing legal battle that took place in order to get the General home where it belongs.

Joe was supposed to see the General as it passed through Georgia when he was a young boy. But, due to some tragic circumstances he was unable to go and see it in person. Thanks to his uncle, a great story was told about the 100 year old train passing through town.

And thus, the seed that was planted nearly 50 years ago has grown into a passion for a certain individual.

When was the last time you shared a personal story with your audience?

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5 Responses to The power of story

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    Um, yesterday. No wait, this morning. 🙂

  2. Patty Hebert says:

    Yesterday, and again later today and the next…

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