Making it grow

Growth. It's a healthy investment.

Growth. Some consider it to be the opposite of death.

You probably have a plan of growth for your business. At least you should.

But what about for yourself? What are you doing to invest in your growth?

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5 Responses to Making it grow

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    David, each day, all day….trying to balance my energy (not time necessarily) amongst life (5) big choices.

    And each morning, spending two hours (I know, who’s got that kind of time?) before the day starts to think, pray, read, write, work, and organize before heading out for a run.

    Compulsive? Maybe. Excessive? Maybe.

    Feeling like I’m on track? Totally!

    Have an awesome Sunday. 🙂

    • David says:

      Jeff, many of us shake our head wishing we had the resolve to be so dedicated to the kind of balance you write about, talk about and live.

      It is simple. Just start doing it.

      Already having a great day and your comments, friendship and support only make it better.

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