Not used – reused

Soon, she'll be 100 years old.

We all want it new.

That new car smell. New sheets out of the package. The crispness of the dust jacket on a new book. (For you e-book types, I’ll explain that one to you someday.)

Great joy can be discovered in taking something old or gently used and using it again. Or just keeping it in good shape when it’s used every day.

The carousel pictured above was built in 1917. I’m pretty sure there are no more technicians alive who worked on the original. Are there even parts available to fix it in the event of a breakdown? Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to build a new one with current parts and technology?

What if that was the attitude everyone took on us as we get older?

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4 Responses to Not used – reused

  1. Patty Hebert says:

    Unfortunately I see that attitude in my work with the elderly. I’m saddened when people are not cherished.

    • David says:

      Very unfortunate. One of the most valuable assets a company has is its people. Tossing someone aside based on age is a narrow way of thinking. Transition them to a teaching/training position where their talents can still be called upon to benefit future generations.

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