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A friend who has followed “It’s All About The Customer” for quite a while now sent me the following message.

“I thought of you the other day. I had a customer come in the store looking for something for his son. He said that his son had used a product purchased at a competitor and really liked it. We do not sell the product, so I recommended one of ours. The man said that his son had also taken that product and not seen any results.

I decided to break all the rules of retail. I said, “Do you mind if I shoot really straight with you?” He said, “Go ahead.” I said, “I think you ought to go down the road and buy the product he really liked.” He said, “Just because you said that makes me want to shop with you guys.” He ended up buying a product for himself from me (nothing too impressive, but a sale nonetheless).

I wanted to get your feedback on this scenario. I probably would have gotten in trouble if my manager had been there. Do you think it is ever okay to send your customer down the road to a competitor? I think in a case like this it is. I’m hoping that the long-term benefit outweighs the short-term “loss.” Thoughts?”

Okay. May I just say this was a huge risk? May I also say that I would probably have done the same thing?

What would you do? Would you have the courage to take the risk?

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