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Privileged or cursed?

Made a purchase from the Publix in my shopping center yesterday. Noticed I had a discount given to me. It was only 5% but I’m thankful for the bonus. Until . . . I realized it was their Senior Citizen’s … Continue reading

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Wrong priorities

There is an order to things. “Wrong priorities sink good intentions every time.” Tim SmelserĀ (Stole this from my preacher Tim.) Our good intentions do not equal compliance. Or obedience. Reminds me of another quote. “Well done is better than well … Continue reading

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It’s here

A new blog. A new goal. A new lease on life. We are not granted passage to tomorrow. Please go to my new blog here. It’s not a replacement. I’m going nowhere. There’s too much at stake to give up … Continue reading

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Something new is coming

Just around the corner. Like 4 days away. A big reveal. A reminder of where I am and where I want to be. A goal that almost seems impossible will be attained. Or else. I was running the other day … Continue reading

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A picture of success

At a recent staff meeting we had the opportunity to hear “how they do it” from one of our team members. The top salesman in one category was invited to share with us his techniques that have propelled him to … Continue reading

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