It’s just a day, no biggie

They gave their lives for the sake of freedom. Cancer didn’t take it from them.

Monday. August 1, 2011. Just another day for some. No biggie.

For me, it was the day I learned I had cancer. I would be lying if I said “no biggie” here.

It was a big day. A day that rocked my world, one that shook me to the core.

But here I am a year later. And according to the latest test results, there’s no sign of the cancer. Biggie.

I’ve watched others who have received a cancer diagnosis after mine and have lost their battle. One was a grandfather who lived a life of service to others. Another died a few days before his 16th birthday.

That day was filled with so many unknowns. I didn’t know how blessed I was. I didn’t know we caught it early enough so I wouldn’t need chemo or radiation. I didn’t know just how awesome my friends and family are. I didn’t know that cancer would show me how to be grateful for the other things in my life.

I didn’t know I would eventually be able to tell others that it was just another day. No biggie.

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