Come early, stay late

Looking in the past or the future?

Dedication. Willingness. Determination.

While I am a proponent of the work-life balance (thank you Jeff for the reminders), there are times when there may not be a good substitute for working long hours.

Deadlines, projects and extraordinary circumstances may call for you to perform above and beyond what is expected.

Wait . . . shouldn’t we always perform above and beyond? Too many people only do what is expected and nothing more.

But you’re better than that. You’re smarter and you understand that your hard work will add value to your job, your company and you.

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7 Responses to Come early, stay late

  1. Jeff Noel says:

    David, preaching balance everyday also means that to achieve it, I’m the first one up and focused before most people crawl out of bed.

    Sounds arrogant. Maybe. Maybe not. Listen to the Nike Olympic commercials…

    You want something, you have to be willing to pay the price. All day. Every day. For as long as it takes.

    In business. In attitude. In spirit. In health. At home.

    Rock on brother David. love your posts and how you make us think. Bravo.

  2. Andrew Baxter says:

    David, this is such an important topic. I do think working hard should be a part of life. My Grandfather once said, “Life is hard, and when you accept that, it gets easier.” I do, however, think that priorities are vital. I try very hard to prioritize my family over other things. Since I do this, Cathy does not mind if I need to pull a long night working on a paper or other project on occasion. I think keeping up relationships can be some of the hardest work there is, but it is worth it in the end.

    • David says:

      Andrew, you make my day when you stop by and show your support.

      Priorities are vital. We must also be flexible. Sure, there are a few non-negotiables . . . like safety. It’s the top priority at Disney. NOTHING usurps safety’s position.

      In our life we’ll have our own non-negotiables. Job, family, physical health, mental health, spiritual health, financial health. Having an understanding and loving family helps maintain a healthy balance.

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