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Put it out there for everyone to see

And stand behind it. What kind of promises do you make to your customers? If you don’t put it on the wall, will they know by your actions? Have a great Saturday! PS. 1.18 mile run this morning in the … Continue reading

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Mission: Possible

Mission: Impossible was a popular TV show that ran from 1966-1973. It featured an elite covert operations team assigned seemingly impossible tasks that were carried out with the utmost in secrecy. Any agents who were discovered must deny their involvement … Continue reading

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The customer is always . . .

. . . the customer. They are not always right. The company isn’t always right. There’s a balance. You have a hot-headed customer come into your operation. Sometimes they just need to be heard. Other times, they have a legitimate … Continue reading

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You’ve at least got to start

Thanks to a life long friend for the reminder that in order to achieve success, you’ve got to start the journey. How can I (insert anything here)? You take the first step.¬†What does the first step look like? It can … Continue reading

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The one key to success

Do you know the one thing that is THE key to success? Some would say it’s don’t fail. I say it’s don’t quit. If you don’t quit, you have close to a 100% chance you’ll experience failure along the way. … Continue reading

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