Knowing when to change course

Are you an authority on the direction your business is heading?

Are you an authority on the direction your business is heading?

Your plan was grand. Your timing was just perfect. But things aren’t going right. Is it time for a hail-Mary? Or just a little course correction?

If you’ve ever driven a car you can’t take your hands off the steering wheel (for very long) and expect the car to reach your destination without constant correction. There are traffic jams, construction roadblocks. There’s even scheduled maintenance you have to perform on your vehicle to make sure it’s running well.

The same can be said for your business. But how do you know when to make the correction? Let’s stay with the car analogy.

If your car needs maintenance, you might have lights appear on the dash that tell you it’s time to change the oil, inflate your tires or that your biffleflop is interfering with your glimenshputz and needs to be replaced immediately. (I’m not a car guy so those could be real things, ya’ know??)

We don’t always get the warning lights for our business. Being in tune (or in sync or inline) with what is going on in your business is one of the best ways to know when it’s time for a course correction or when you need to go down a different road.

It could be that you’re on the right road. You just simply missed a turn somewhere along the way.

Be adaptable to change. Listen and learn. Seek the counsel from others who’ve traveled this road before you.

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