Self righteous

I'm no Mother Teresa.
I’m no Mother Teresa.

Sanctimonious. Narcissistic. Holier-than-thou.

I have to admit I had to look these up to get their correct definitions.

And that’s because I’ve been accused of being self righteous twice in the last month. Taking the moral high ground is a tough choice when you are surrounded by evil. The power that drugs, alcohol and other addictions have over the mind and body clouds proper judgement even toward those you supposedly love.

I have faults. I do not claim to be perfect. I do not hold myself up to be the standard by which others are judged. That standard has already been established in Christ. Without him, we have no ability to attain true righteousness.

PS. The accusations leveled against me were from two individuals who were trying to defend their immoral actions. It’s sad because they do not understand the true meaning of love.

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