Repetitively redundant

Do you see it? Haven't you seen it before?

Do you see it? Haven’t you seen it before?

Did you know that redundancy can be artistic? That is it can be if you make it that way.

Think about a garbage collector. They usually arrive around the same time each week, pick up your trash, put it in their vehicle and leave. On to the next house. Do the same thing usually with no fanfare. And so on and so on.

Consider your postman. The mailman (or woman) delivers your mail pretty much every day around the same time in the same manner. Drive up, open the mailbox, put the mail in, shut the flap, on to the next house. And so on and so on.

What if the postman noticed that your mail was collecting inside the box or that newspapers were collecting in the driveway? Would they do something about it? One did and it made a huge impression.

That’s they type of person featured in The Fred Factor by my friend Mark Sanborn. Just because your job may be monotonous, routine or redundant doesn’t mean you have to deepen the rut. Are you passionate about your job? Apply a flair that separates you from the rest.

Give a remarkable performance , one that is worthy of reward and recognition!

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  1. Mike Stephens says:

    I’ve shared the Fred Factor with several people I work with. Its an excellent, short, motivating read with simple true messages in it. You hit the nail on the head David!

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