Start with a 10

If you deliver anything less than excellent you're missing the point.

If you deliver anything less than excellent you’re missing the point.

In a follow-up to my previous post, here is my take on a possible better way to encourage your customers to give you a good rating on a company survey.

It’s a concept that may be foreign to most workers. Start your level of service at a 10.

Every time. Your customers will want to tell everyone on their own terms.

Kimball came by this afternoon to fix the thermostat. It was a weekend and you know how the rates are higher.

Not this time. No charge. I had already done some of the work before he arrived as to make his job easier. But he said it wasn’t necessary for us to bear the burden on something they recommended when we signed up for service.

He greeted me at the door with a warm smile and a hand shake. His service was just as friendly. In and out in under 10 minutes. Thermostat replaced. Warm home. Happy family.

So when he handed me the comment card, I already knew what to put. This guy gets a 10 because he delivered a 10.

What will you deliver today?

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