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What are you trying new today?

There is no doubt it takes courage to try something new. Someone, somewhere is going to take the step today and enter unchartered (for them) territory. Do you dream of what could be? Go ahead and take a risk. Take … Continue reading

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Hi, I’m Dan

As a volunteer at the 2013 Chick-fil-a ┬áLeadercast, I was assigned the job of host for a group of hospitality suites. On the morning of the Leadercast, I was working with Evan (pictured on the right) when he spotted a … Continue reading

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Pick a number

I want you to try an experiment. Get 20 pieces of paper and a hat. Write down percentages on the pieces of paper starting with 5% and finishing with 100% in increments of 5. Place the pieces of paper in … Continue reading

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Staying the course

It can get pretty scary out there. Staying focused on your goals is tough enough. If you lose sight of where you’re headed and in stead focus on the distractions along they way, well, not only will it take longer … Continue reading

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When there’s a smile in your heart

Your eyes can hear it. Read it again. The title first, then the first line. I mixed them up on purpose. You see, when you smile with your heart everyone knows it. It’s genuine. And infectious. Tweet

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