Lil Miracles

Li’l Miracles

No. I didn’t skip a letter.

Cassandra calls it “Li’l Miracles”. She writes about how they can be big or small like:

  • finishing chemo
  • getting a call from a friend just to say hi
  • tumors going away without chemo or radiation

Some people call chemo poison. So is cancer. Why would someone want to put poison in their body? Because the poison that already exists is much worse than the possible cure. And the hope for a cure is vastly greater than the despair of any disease.

Somebody you know is out there suffering from a sickness: physical, mental, spiritual. Instead of being the chemo, be the warm soup to calm their stomach. Instead of painful radiation that burns the skin, radiate love and compassion that soothes the heart and soul.

Call them just to say hi. You can be their li’l miracle.

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