It makes everything else hurt.

It makes everything else hurt.

If you didn’t know about melanoma, read the writing below. The text is small in the picture above so I’ve retyped it.

“Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. It is normally an adult disease. In my case, it’s more difficult because I’m only 14. All of the cures are only available to adults, therefore, I have limited options. Melanoma consists of rather small tumors that form as lesions under the skin. To get rid of melanoma you have to go through series of chemotherapy and radiation. The tumors themself don’t hurt but everything else does. There’s really no explanation of what causes melanoma. They think maybe it’s from serious sunburn. The tumors spread throughout your body and become metastatic. If melanoma wasn’t so rare, there would be better information about it. My personal thought about melanoma is that it has changed my and everyone else’s lives. Having cancer dramatically changes your appearance, the way you eat, just your life in general. One day they will declare me cancer free.”

By: Nicole/Metastatic melanoma

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