Anyone there?

The performers are there but where is the audience?

The performers are there but where is the audience?

You call but no one answers.

You go by and the lights aren’t on.

You start to think something is wrong.

You wait in the parking lot for a sign.

You start thinking about alternatives.

You go somewhere else.


You stayed up late the night before so you start your day later than normal.

You stand in line at the bank making the deposit from yesterday’s dismal sales.

You sigh audibly because the customer in front of you is talking too much instead of transacting business.

You forgot your lunch so you grab some grub from the grocer.

You open the store late because the lady in front of you took too long sorting her coupons.

You don’t meet your sales goals because nobody is coming to the store.


How is your day going? Do you recognize any of this?

This could be a fictional story. Or it could be the reason your business is suffering.

Can you see this scenario unfolding in your mind? Or did it happen to you recently.

Here’s an alternative approach.


You cook and package your lunch for tomorrow to save money and time.

You make a list of priorities you must complete the next day to stay on track for meeting your goals.

You arrive at work early and see the note left for you by a conscientious employee informing you of the problem with the printer. No problem. You’ve got time to fix it.

You are the first customer in line at the bank and everyone is glad to see you.

You get to the store in time to sweep the sidewalk and a customer stops to ask if you’re already open. They become a customer for life because you opened early.

You take care of your customers’ needs even before they know what they need.

Plan. Prepare. Perform.


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5 Responses to Anyone there?

  1. Patty Hebert says:

    You are arrive at work 15 minutes early so you can check email, faxes, and lay out and organize the work for your team mates. What a difference just 15 minutes can make on the next 12 hours. You do it, because it makes sense, because it will put a positive spin on the day. Not for more pay. Just because you can.

  2. jeff noel says:

    David, very interesting and intriguing message. Loved it. Hope all is well.
    PS. One scenario sounded like surviving the day, the other sounded like thriving. 🙂

    • David says:

      Thank you jeff. All is well.

      I looked at it as either you can let the day take control of you or you can take control of the day. 🙂

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