If not you, then who?

Do others know your plan?

Do others know your plan?

If you’re not around to take care of the details, who will take your place?

Communication is key.

Before his death, Walt Disney envisioned a Utopian city where people would live, shop and work, showcasing to the world the innovations and technologies of tomorrow.

It would also never be finished, always introducing and testing new systems and materials. Walt left a legacy that helped to shape the current day Epcot, something different from what he initially imagined.

When you’re gone, will your legacy go beyond your Last Will and Testament? The qualities and details of your character will echo far beyond constructed walls of temples and shrines dedicated to mankind.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Patty Hebert says:

    You are so right. Communication is so key in every aspect of life.

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