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imageHave you been excited about being a volunteer?

The picture above was taken at Leadercast 2013. I just applied to work as a volunteer again and I can’t wait for the opportunity to serve.

And I’m talking about the kind of excitement where you wish you could invite everyone to participate with you. It’s crazy long hours the day before the event doing whatever needs to be done. And I mean whatever. I tried to get it across that I was volunteering and that whatever they needed me to do, I was their guy.

And in a weird way, they couldn’t believe I was serious. They asked and before they could explain what needed to be done in detail I said yes. Always.

Now, let me apologize. This isn’t just about me. This is for all of us. We should all have a desire to volunteer where we can. And to that, here are some guidelines that might help you decide when and how much to volunteer.

  1. Don’t volunteer just to gain bragging rights.
  2. Consider helping for seasonal opportunities (Thanksgiving, back-to-school, etc.) if your time is short.
  3. If you are in charge of volunteers, thank them regularly.
  4. Be wary of any group that asks for money for you to volunteer. If that’s the case, it’s not a true volunteer opportunity. Look elsewhere.

Don’t be bullied into volunteering. Coercion is not a proper way to get someone to volunteer. This is service that should come from the heart. There are going to be times when you have to and should say no to a volunteer opportunity. Weigh your immediate demands against the benefits of the chance to volunteer.

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