Clean. Serene. Pristine. How much is it worth?

Clean. Serene. Pristine. How much is it worth?

A common term in the real estate business. Banking too.

You don’t work in either of these industries? No problem.

How often do you get an appraisal on your business? On yourself?

A good friend asked me a beautiful question the other day about my writing.

Are you writing to be heard by an audience? Or are you writing for your conscience to hear?

So I’ve been pondering this question for a while. And my answer is this.


It’s a combination of both. Maybe I thought I had an audience in the beginning who would want to hear what I had to write. I do believe there are things that people need to hear. But who am I to force it on them? So now I guess I’m writing so my conscience has an outlet in order to be heard.

But is that healthy? As in healthy for me and my audience. Some things are better left unsaid.

But this blog wouldn’t be anything without you, the reader. So thank you for taking a minute or two out of your day and stopping to read something I hope will make you think, encourage you or motivate you to take action. Because doing so, you’ve helped me with my appraisal.

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6 Responses to Appraisals

  1. mybulkmail says:

    I’m here and enjoy reading your blog.

    • emnbensdad says:

      Thank you Donna.

      Here’s a “small world” story for you. My wife sometimes tutors out of our home. Last week, I worked late and when I got home a car was in our driveway. On the back of the car was a DVC magnet. So I came in, introduced myself to the mom sitting at my desk, and immediately asked what their home resort was. This led to a 20 minute discussion about our respective Disney obsessions. At my desk was a copy of “The Disney Way” and I told her your story. It was a wonderful moment in a long and stressful day.

      I did an appraisal of my Disney connections and it really made me smile. 🙂

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