What are you doing for their future?

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I used to hate reading. It wasn’t until I was in the 11th grade before I finally decided to give my all to a reading assignment in Mrs. Hendrick’s class. I don’t know if it was the particular genre that sparked the interest or if I decided to grow up and take a mature approach to reading. Either way, my approach now is not one of dread but of intrigue.

And that has led me to today. I’ve seen the posts from Zach about his book. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for several years ever since he opened his first Chick-fil-A location near one of my stores almost a decade ago.

So since I am in charge of a team of managers and sales associates, I bought Zach’s book. I sometimes struggle with the right thing to say to encourage my team to keep them motivated and work to their full potential. I’ve been extremely discouraged because we’ve had around 20 employees leave during the past 2 years. Some have moved on to bigger things after college graduation. Others have worked for a few weeks and then decided that this wasn’t the job for them.

A lot of those were millennials. And talking to friends who run businesses, we’re not the only ones experiencing a lack of commitment from the current pool of potential employees. Psychology Today reported that millennials are more likely to have 6.4 jobs by the time they are 30. Compare this to Baby Boomers who had approximately 2.4 jobs in the same timeframe.

So this is the new norm, and we as leaders must find a way to adapt. We have to make smarter choices in the hiring process and offer flexible work environments while still maintaining a climate that offers both business and personal growth. How do we do that?

I’m working on it. Maybe the book has some answers.

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4 Responses to What are you doing for their future?

  1. Great post and thoughts David! It’s good to see you back blogging!

  2. Zach Thomas says:

    Thanks for picking up Leader Farming David! Would love to hear your thoughts after you finish the book and let me know if I can help with your talent strategy.

  3. David says:

    Thanks Jordan. It dropped in priority and when I came back to it I found it full of malware. Hopefully getting back to some regular contributions.

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