Thriving in the right climate

King George II of Great Britain (Portrait by Thomas Hudson)

Today marks the anniversary of when Georgia ratified the US Constitution in 1788, becoming the 4th state to do so. Named as a tribute to King George II of Great Britain, Georgia was established as an agrarian society envisioned by its founder James Edward Oglethorpe.

Since then, Georgia has grown and developed into an economic and cultural powerhouse due in part to the climate. And I’m not just speaking of temperatures.

A quick internet search of Georgia’s climate shows a “humid subtropical climate with most of the state having short, mild winters and long, hot summers.” (Wikipedia)

While weather has been favorable, a lot of Georgia’s success can be attributed to Oglethorpe and his plan which included a vision of social equity and civic virtue. The layout of Savannah is heralded today almost 300 years later as one of the finest diagrams for city organization and growth.

How is the climate for your plans? Do you have a vision like that of Oglethorpe? You should be able to see your vision and keep that in perspective as you work toward making it a reality.

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